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Danny came out of the shower to find Chastity naked on the bed. She was lying on her front, her chin cupped in her hands, legs raised at the knees, her ankles seeming to go through a repeated cycle of attraction and repulsion.

With nothing but a towel around his waist, Danny felt vulnerable.

What’s her game? She can’t want to sleep with me. Only geeks want to sleep with me and she’s no geek. Too savvy. Too streetwise.

Having showered before him, she seemed to glow. Back in the conference bar, she’d reminded him of uncooked veal and he’d thought her a child. Now she’d lost her paleness and was looking very adult indeed.

‘Do you play games?’ she asked.

‘What sort?’ Alarmed, Danny folded his arms across his chest.

‘Computer games. What other sort is there?’

Trying to look casual, he sat in an armchair and swivelled to face the bed. ‘I’ve designed computer games, but I don’t play them. Not anymore. They take up too much time.’

‘I used to play Lords of Nineveh until the government shut it down. I suppose you’ve heard of it?’

‘I helped develop it.’

Chastity’s eyes widened. ‘Wow! You must have some imagination.’

‘I didn’t design the actual game. In fact, if I’d known how violent it would be, I would never have got involved.’

‘My avatar was called Jinx 19. I was a dungeon mistress on the side of the Red Lords. It kept me away from the battlefield but I got to torture people.’ She pouted. ‘Now don’t look like that, Danny. It wasn’t for real. And all my victims had to do was say the exit word and they left the game. You’d be surprised how many didn’t.’

Chastity got off the bed and stood in front of Danny. Her vagina with its well-trimmed bush was level with his eyes. As always when he was in the presence of a beautiful and naked woman, he felt a sense of awe.

He raised his eyes and noticed for the first time the pendant hanging between her breasts. It was a serpent spiralling in on itself.

She stroked the inside of her thigh. ‘You didn’t say what other sorts of games there are, Danny. Perhaps you can show me a few.’




Their love-making was unhurried and anxiety free. Chastity took control and told Danny exactly what to do. And all the while he kept thinking about Colette, the girl without free will. He did his best to imitate her, to think only of how to please Chastity and to obey her every command.

She was gentle but firm and used just enough pain to titillate.

Chastity knew which buttons to press.


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